How we do it - making telemarketing professional against all the odds

Don't think we don't know the horror stories, because we do, in fact we've made a point of showing them to you here , so that you can appreciate the difference. In professions where there is commonly criticism, it's important to know why we won't harm your reputation (we'll enhance it) and how we achieve the results that we do.

Anyway, enough of bad telemarketing, you can read about it elsewhere.

Ever been closely questioned by GCHQ? Inland Revenue? Or even your bank manager? That all pales into insignificance compared to the grilling you get from Business 2 Business Telemarketing, before we make a single call on your behalf. Of course, we're exaggerating to make a point, but the point is we really do come and grill you for a day. Why? Well we need to know what you do. And you'd be amazed how hard it is for companies to distil their business in a way that we can use. So we keep going. We ask you open and closed questions. We tell you what people won't be interested in hearing (sorry, but we do know what works and what doesn't). We review, revise and ask again. But it is the right thing to do because it means we are confident about your product and your service. And, depending on what you need, we're then qualified to make first line calls on your behalf.

Forget all the bad experiences you've had yourself as the frustrated listener being given the hard sell. Because Business 2 Business Telemarketing is different.

We are a different kind of telemarketing company.

We employ experienced, mature business people; many of them have owned or run their own businesses. We don't employ anyone who has ever worked in telemarketing before (they have bad habits). Business 2 Business Telemarketing staff are intelligent, articulate and 100% professional. Our telemarketers are well-educated, mature individuals who, with the support of our bespoke software, can manage complex and technical projects successfully, achieving fantastic results.

We don't use rigid scripts. We believe that a clear understanding of the proposition and its benefits, supported by helpful guidelines and injected with a little personality and enthusiasm, are a better selling tool than a dull, lifeless script could ever be.

We aim for quality, not quantity. We do our research and plan our calls carefully to ensure we're talking to the right person about the right product at the right time. Our attention to detail is second to none. The result is appointments and leads that have an outstanding rate of conversion to sales.

We maintain in-depth records. We record all the important information people give us, building up a detailed profile of your potential customers that might be useful for future calls and campaigns. It goes without saying (but we'll say it anyway) that to ensure compliance with the Data Protection Act, our software automatically bars calls to any number registered with the TPS and CTPS.

We are highly recommended. Over 80% of our business comes from recommendation and word of mouth. Most of our customers have been with us for more than five years. Our clients love what we do. They're impressed by the way we work and they're blown away by the results we achieve.

We listen. We make it our business to get to know yours. We take time to understand your requirements and aims. We listen to the people we call on your behalf and we make detailed records of the valuable information they give us.



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