Appointment making

Once we thoroughly completely and reliably understand what you want to sell, to whom and why, then (and only then) we can represent you to make appointments on the phone. No,. we'll never know as much as you do about your company, but that's why we make appointments, and you go on them.

The three common outcomes from calls are:

  1. Appointments for meetings
  2. Appointments for phone calls
  3. Requests for information

Why we don't get paid on results

We don't ask you to pay us for each appointment we make, you pay us for each hour we work. If companies are paid per appointment made, they are focused on quantity and not quality. In practice some appointments will be cancelled and if you do get there, the prospect either won't be expecting you or will be in a great hurry to get you out. It's not the best way to get sales, it just doesn't work - so that's why we don't do it.

Simply agree with us how many hours a month you want to be invoiced for - then sit back and wait for our results to come in.

Read about the great appointments we make

Read this testimonial about one client's return on investment.

Read this case study of an appointment-making project.

Type of project: Sales Appointment Making
Client: A UK leader in industrial dust extraction equipment and a client since 2002.
Objective: To increase business by targeting manufacturing companies who were extending, renewing or upgrading existing plants, or building new ones.
Business 2 Business action: Working from a database of contacts we made initial research calls, followed up by calls to different sites around the UK, resulting in sales appointments.
Outcome: The client secured three very large and profitable contracts - a result that far surpassed their expectations.

Read this case study of a telemarketing project.

Type of project: Database Management and Telemarketing Client: A consultancy specialising in ground investigations, geotechnical advice and design, contamination and risk assessment.

Objective: To exploit an existing customer and prospect database to its full potential in order to generate new business. Business 2 Business action: Our database cleansing and research programme verified customer and prospect records, eradicated duplicates and captured new addresses and contacts. A subsequent telemarketing campaign created a significant number of appointments.

Outcome: With a very high conversion rate from appointments, the client has secured a number of new contracts. The level of repeat business from these is very high; the return on investment has ensured that our business with this client has increased year on year, even through the construction industry downturn.


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